Crowns and bridges (Caps)
. In case you have missing teeth (single or multiple), a tooth supported bridge can be made to replace the missing teeth. These crowns/bridges can be fabricated either of ceramic (which are tooth colored) or metal (silver colored).
The procedure involves multiple sittings and involves preparation of the adjacent teeth to provide support for the replacement of the missing tooth and then subsequent fabrication of a bridge of all involved teeth in a dental lab. The bridge is then cemented on to the tooth by the dentist. These bridges are considered fixed once cemented and cannot be removed by the patient.

. A single tooth can be protected by means of a crown (ceramic/metal)- especially when the tooth involved has a large/ compromised filling (restoration) or if it has been subjected to R.C.T (root canal treatment)

Dentures (partial/complete)
Missing teeth can also be replaced using removable dentures that are composed of acrylic resin plates that carry a plastic replica of the tooth that has to be replaced. In older patients, who desire replacement of their entire dentition ,complete dentures can be provided for the upper and lower jaws. These dentures can be removed by the patient himself/herself every night before going to sleep.